A memory is a photograph taken by the heart...to make a special moment last forever...and of all the memory-pictures that happy times can bring, the best are those that families make together ~
~ Author unknown

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lemons, and more lemons ~

Our lemon tree out back, is loaded with lemons this year. The grandkids are attempting to make lemon-aid and set up a stand in the neighborhood...gonna need alot of sugar!  We have a lime tree right next to the lemon tree, so we are getting lemon-limes.  I was trying to talk the kids into just bagging them up and sharing with the neighbors...we'll see how that goes!


  1. MMMM lemons. We have a few here given to us, from a campground, not sure they are that good, but, they sure do not look as good as yours!!

  2. Our lemon/limes look great but oh are they sour!!! Kids love 'em though! They are good in homemade salsa.

  3. Oh, how I love and miss California.

    Ten degrees and 18-20 inches of snow.

    This is a gorgeous photo Gini! You should frame this one.

    Make sure they don't have to have a permit for that stand. LOL!


  4. We can trade fM...I would love a some snow and greenery! Thank you fM...I don't think the kids will get far...too sour and bitter! I think they will stick to passing out bags full of lemons as a good neighbor!