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~ Author unknown

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dried hydrangea's ~

An arrangement of hydrangea's I dried from my garden. Currently, we have high winds and pouring rain...not so great for going out and grabbing outdoor photos.


  1. I love hydrangeas but have never died any. How did you dry them?

  2. Harriet ~ At times they dry properly and at other times they don't...at least for me. There are several ways to dry them, but the method that works best for me is...cutting them and I then just arrange them in a vase and let them dry out, such as I did the ones in the photo.

    If you pick them too soon, I have found the flower heads will just shrivel and not dry nice at all. I don't cut them until they are sort of starting to dry themselves already.

    I have also had bad luck if I hang them upside down...they have always dried all shriveled up and droopy. I think it's a matter of experimenting. States and zones may make a difference too. Good luck!

  3. Lovely photo, nice job on drying them. I do it the way you say, wait till they are fairly dry on the plant, cut, bring inside, arrange, walk away and enjoy!

  4. Thank you Carole! Exactly...I have found doing it that way working the best almost every time.

  5. These are so lovely, Gini- I am going to try it this year, my mother has hydrangeas in her garden.