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~ Author unknown

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fresh cut Hydrangea ~

I am experimenting with this fresh cut hydrangea for a dried arrangement . . . I usually allow my hydrangea's to dry naturally on the shrub / plant . . . if they are cut too soon, the pink mophead will just wilt . . . I left this one on the shrub for a quite a while but not as long as I usually do for drying . . . we will see what happens. 


  1. I have had issues with Google / Blogger all evening. It took many attempts to get this posted . . . I have edited and selected the "normal" font size and the small font remains . . . perhaps tomorrow Google will have resolved their issues!

  2. You can always come back and fix the font when things return to normal. I posted yesterday with no problems but I noticed a draft I have saved is on there twice and I didn't save it twice. Blogger is so unpredictable!

    That is pretty neat about the Hydrangas. I had no idea you could dry them! Beautiful photo!

  3. I love the color in this Hydrangea!

  4. Stunning color and sooooo worth the effort you made to get it up here. WOWSERS!!! Thanks.

  5. Thank you, Carol, Harriet and Lisa . . . I luv these pretty flowers. Both of my shrubs are covered right now so I would like to dry them and make several arrangements . . . unless I use Silica Gel . . . the beautiful pink color will go away but they do dry nice also . . . with a "vintage" look to them . . . I have several baskets full.

    Google / Blogger are still having their issues . . . I had to use the LARGE font to make it look NORMAL . . . oh well, at least my old eyes can read it now!