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~ Author unknown

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Close to home ~

Fire televised on local Fox News

This photo was taken from my front porch, on the other side of the cyclone fence is the four lane road, the only thing between my home and the fire. More photos here.

I woke up to helicopters hovering right over my home at 1:30 AM this morning. It was loud and my whole house was shaking. I got up to see what was going on but couldn't see anything (we are down in a valley and surrounded by mountains).  There is a four lane main road right behind my home and there are always very bad accidents . . . I thought maybe there was an accident and someone was being life flighted out but the helicopters kept circling for hours. Then it occurred to me that the mountain right across the street and behind me was probably on fire but I still could not see anything. I tried going back to sleep but it was just too loud and I was thinking if I should start getting things together just in case we had to leave quickly.  Finally the 4:30 AM news came on and it was indeed a fire and considered arson . . . very sad.

The helicopters were doing an amazing job of containing the fire until daylight and the firefighters were allowed in due to the rugged terrain to start their work. By the time I took the second photo, the fire was pretty much out but the helicopters were still making runs to put out several hot spots . . . two to three acres burned. This is a beautiful 6,150 acres of protected mountain and regional park area . . . we are all so very lucky . . . we have had so little rain and the vegetation and brush is very very dry. The helicopters and firefighters worked quick and hard to protect our homes and area.  We are very prone to fires here but that usually comes in October. We have lived here over 20 years, each year we deal with a major fire. We came very close to losing our home in the Cedar Fires in 2003.

In no way am I complaining . . . we are very blessed . . . my thoughts immediately turned to Joplin, MO and all who are dealing with the devastating tornado's everywhere . . . our prayers and thoughts are with you all.


  1. Scary, glad you only have a story to tell. Stay safe Gini.

  2. Thank you, Carol . . . our situation here is so small compared to the tornado disasters going on but we are very grateful and blessed that this fire was contained and put out as quickly as it was . . . it could have wiped us all out in no time. This blog is a great way to leave the stories of our lives behind! You all be safe in your travels too, Carol.