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~ Author unknown

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cake balls, Sort of ~

My daughter and grandchildren were here today coloring eggs for Easter. My daughter also made Cake ball's for an event she was going to be attending this evening . . . well . . . they didn't quite come out as expected! They taste great but don't quite look like they were supposed to. The chocolate that was suggested to use to dip the cake balls in, wasn't the correct consistency . . . we now know what not to do next time.  

Cake ball recipe ~
1 box of cake mix (chocolate, vanilla, etc.)
1 container of frosting (your choice)
Bake cake according to directions. Let the cake cool a bit.

Once your cake is cool, in a large bowl, break-up your cake into chunks. Mix in one container of frosting into the cake chunks (until all mixed together). Roll cake mixture into small little balls. Insert a toothpick into each cake ball and refrigerate until completely cooled. Melt dipping chocolate (recipe calls for a 16 oz package of semi-sweet chocolate morsel's) in a double boiler adding vegetable oil (if you use semi-sweet morsel's) to smooth the chocolate out for easy dipping.  Dip the rolled cake balls into the chocolate until covered. Place on wax paper. Refrigerate.

Note: My daughter may try using a chocolate that is made for dipping.  She also said, "I may use my chocolate fountain next time!"  They really are very good!

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