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~ Author unknown

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Asclepias 'Silky Formula Mix' and Monarch Butterflies ~

Monarch butterflies are so beautiful and they have a special meaning to me . . . they remind me of my mom (1933~2010). It's my understanding that Monarch butterflies have declined significantly, you can read more about it → here  and according to an article on the livescience site ~

" . . .  The announcement from researchers with WWF and Mexico's National Commission for Natural Protected Areas appears to confirm the fears of some biologists, who said it was likely that scalding temperatures and extreme droughts affecting Texas and other parts of the United States in 2011 would take a toll on the butterflies."

I wanted to do my part (and of course have Monarchs in my own backyard) . . . so I did a little research on what native plants here in Southern Cal would help and found that the Monarch loves, feeds and depends on the → Asclepias aka Milkweed plant. I went to my local nursery right away. When I got home, I transplanted the Milkweed plant into one of mom's big huge pots . . . I wasn't even done transplanting it when this one Monarch fluttered around, landed and has taken up permanent residence . . . she is here every day.

I ended up taking over 132 photos (you can see more of the photos → here, some are not as clear as I would have liked but she was all over the place) of this beautiful butterfly fluttering in mid air, landing, and enjoying the nectar. I am hoping that she is able to find this new home secure enough to lay her larvae . . . our world or at least my backyard could use many more of these beautiful creatures.

You can also enjoy the "Butterfly Estates" on Facebook . . . lots of info and wonderful photos.


  1. Beautiful! I hope your plant is soon covered with cats.

  2. Thank you, Carol . . . I could watch this Monarch all day! First time really that I have been able to capture anything moving with success! She was fun to photograph . . . I asked her if she would hold still but that didn't happen! Thank you for the visit, always glad you stop by.

  3. Fabulous Gini! Looking forward to more photo's by Gini......

  4. Thank you sis ~ these neat butterflies are fun to watch and take photos of . . . so glad I purchased the Milkweed Plant!

  5. Thank you, Charley . . . I am getting more than I imagined! I hope you get many on yours too . . . It's fun to watch. Thank you for stopping by.