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~ Author unknown

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pineapples and Roses ~ Guest post by my grandson ~

Baby non-edible pineapple plant ~ by Ethan ~

My grandson's daddy, is a professional photographer . . . I think my eight year old grandson inherited his dad's gift! Ethan is using an older digital camera . . . a Canon EOS20D,  that his dad just recently gave him and was no longer using. We decided to take a "photo" walk in the neighborhood this morning and capture flowers or whatever came our way. One of our neighbors was out washing his car and invited us to photograph the many plants and flowers he had in his backyard . . . turned out to be a photo goldmine and a great place for both of us to practice.

We both took lots and lots of photos . . . our neighbor must have had every plant and flower under the sun. We took as many as we could and Ethan is excited to share some of his photos. As time permits, I will share both our photos here. Ethan even created his photo logo . . . you can see it in the lower right corner of his photo above. He took some pretty awesome photos.

~ Pink Moss Rose ~  by Gini

This was my very favorite flower in our neighbors yard (besides his vintage roses) that I took with my new Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600. My older Rebel died on me (which is in part why I haven't posted on my photo blog for a while) . . . I was told it needs a new motherboard and I might go ahead and have it fixed for my granddaughter down the road but I am loving this new camera!

Neighbor's Pink Moss Rose in a swan pebble planter ~ by Gini



  1. Thank you Cheryl . . . Ethan did really good . . . kid is taking better photos than I do! That baby pineapple was very cool. I also took a photo of it but it's almost the same as Ethan's so I didn't post it here.

  2. Love the pineapple. As it happens I planted moss rose earlier today but couldn't for the life of me remember their name so thanks for the pretty reminder.

  3. Good for Ethan, really sharp photo, and what's special to me, is, I've never seen one before. Your flowers are nice too, the shades always lovely. Portulaca seems to be such a formal name for a dainty plant.

  4. Ah, thank you Barbara, I haven't had the chance to actually look up the formal name! Yes, Ethan is doing well and we are having fun sharing a hobby we both love.

  5. Apple, this is the first time I have seen that pretty little rose and also the name of it . . . glad this helped. This neighbors yard was amazing . . . there were only "walkways" in his backyard, the rest were potted and planted flowers and plants . . . it was wonderful.

    So glad you stopped by.

  6. Great photos! Ethan did a great job with the baby pineapple photo. I love the colors in it. And how nice of your neighbor to invite you into his yard to take photos.

  7. Thank you, Jana, I will have Ethan read the comments here . . . encouragement too!

    We have great neighbors and it was a great experience. Saw so many plants - he is growing Spanish moss, it's wonderful. I will show those photos next post.