A memory is a photograph taken by the heart...to make a special moment last forever...and of all the memory-pictures that happy times can bring, the best are those that families make together ~
~ Author unknown

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yogurt and Mustaches ~

My usual favorite yogurt at my usual favorite yogurt place . . . chocolate with snow caps and chocolate chips sprinkled on top . . . never too much chocolate for me.  We have the best yogurt shop around. Great flavors with tons of different toppings . . . all very good. 

This photo was actually going to be my photo of day, yesterday, but I could not pass up the beautiful sunset we had last night so I am using it today.  I know this particular photo is a bit fuzzy, not the best out of the bunch but the reason I wanted to use it, was because of the giant mustache on the tailgate of this persons truck in the background and to the left of  my yogurt. I hadn't noticed it as I was taking my photos but my granddaughter pointed it out to me. I was going to crop out the background but I decided to leave it . . . a two in one photo.


  1. OOO, love the Stash! and of course the yogurt too! LOL

  2. Thought you would . . . your so funny, Carol! Hope you all are settling back in.