A memory is a photograph taken by the heart...to make a special moment last forever...and of all the memory-pictures that happy times can bring, the best are those that families make together ~
~ Author unknown

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday's remembered ~

This is the last birthday card I had received from my mom before she passed. I love the message and for my last two birthday's, I make sure I re-read the message that mom wanted me to get . . . .

How to make
A Beautiful Life 
Reflections For a Daughter On Her Birthday

Dear Gini

Love yourself.
MAKE PEACE with who you are
and where you are
at this moment in time. 

Listen to your heart. 
If you can't hear what it's saying
in this noisy world, 
MAKE TIME for yourself. 
Enjoy  your own company. 
Let your mind wander among the stars. 
Take chances.
Life can be messy 
and confusing at times,
but it's also full of surprises. 
The next rock in your path
might be a stepping-stone. 

Be happy.
When you don't have what you want, 
want what you have. 

That's a well-kept secret of contentment. 

There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow.
You have to MAKE YOUR OWN WAY. 
To know where you're going
is only part of it. 
You need to know where you've been, too.
And if you ever get lost, don't worry. 
The people who love you will find you. 
Count on it. 

Life isn't days and years.
It's what you do with time
and with all the goodness and grace
that's inside you. 

The kind of life you deserve. 

What more can I wish you, but peace and happiness, I love you, Mom

Mom always gave me beautiful cards, this one just really stands out for me. It's a tri-fold card and you are only seeing the very front of the card.  I missed mom sharing my birthday with me, but I know she would have wanted me to enjoy it . . . I am enjoying it and honoring her too, after all, if it were not for her, I would not be here . . . I love you, Mom, and thank you for a beautiful life. 


  1. What a beautiful card. Thanks for sharing it. I'm sure you will always enjoy this card on your birthday and remember how GREAT your mother was.

  2. Gini, This is truly a great card. It stands the time test for ability to absorb the message.

  3. Thank you, Susi and Harriet . . . I actually now keep this card on my desk through-out the year . . . gently reminding me of her and what she would say. Even before my mom gave me this card, she would speak similar almost identical words to me when she knew I needed to hear them . . . so when she found this card, it was perfect and an ongoing birthday gift forever.

  4. I too got this birthday card from my Dad on my last birthday before he passed a few years ago...I'm so grateful for it - that he gave it to me and that I held onto it. I keep it in my nightstand and it helps to reread some days.

  5. Jen, it's a beautiful and precious card isn't it . . . I keep it on my desk and remind myself of what I know mom wanted me to have . . . a beautiful life . . . someday's are so hard without her . . . she is the one that really made my life beautiful . . . other days, I do it just for her and the day turns out just that way. Thank you for stopping by . . . we have something beautiful in common.