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~ Author unknown

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unknown flower ~

I love these purple little flowers that are growing thru from our neighbors side of the fence that separates our yards. I have no idea what the name of it is though. It has the appearance of Rosemary...but I know it is not Rosemary.  Below is a full view of the flowers and branches coming thru the fence. 


  1. How pretty! My family has always called these types of flowers "volunteers", as in, you did not have to plant them but they still show up in your yard. :-) When I moved to the house I live in now, the first spring I had volunteer snowdrops and iris's, what a treat!

  2. Thank you Leah...I am having trouble with my Picasa photos uploading to Blogger but there was an up-close photo of this neat flower. I will have to reload it.

    I love the name your family gave to these types of flowers "volunteers"... I think I will have to swipe that saying if you don't mind! I want to plant snowdrops in my yard...I think they are so wonderful...that's great you get to enjoy two very sweet flowers.

  3. Between Linda and Kim on facebook, we have determined that this is a "Flowering Wild Rosemary" plant. Thank you ladies...I love learning all about new flowers and plants.

  4. So, is this really an herb?? Does it smell like rosemary if you rub the leaves of the plant.

    LOVE that flower!

  5. No Carol, it does not have that pungent smell that Rosemary normally has, that was why I didn't think it was Rosemary. But, according to the image on Google...it is considered a Wild Rosemary. Learn something new everyday. I don't think it's the kind that I would cook with though!