A memory is a photograph taken by the heart...to make a special moment last forever...and of all the memory-pictures that happy times can bring, the best are those that families make together ~
~ Author unknown

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Johnny Jump-ups in the rain ~

These Johnny Jump-ups are enjoying the rain we have been having the last few days.  


  1. I do believe these are my all time favorites.

  2. Thank you for this and the daffodil photo the other day. A beautiful breath of spring! Much, much appreciated!

  3. Jasia, you are very welcome! Even though it's been gloomy and raining, which we need very badly, these recent blooms manage to cheer us up so I am glad it did the same for you!

    Carol, I agree, I love these little guys, the colors are so pretty!

  4. These brought a smile to my face! Think I'll check my yard again for signs of life....

  5. So glad they did, Greta! They have a way of doing that!